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WOW! Science Camp
is a Summer Science Program and outreach ministry of The Woodlands United Methodist Church
in The Woodlands, Texas. Our goal is to instill in children a love and appreciation for
nature, science, and the God-given diversities of the world in which we live.

Campers will enjoy hands-on experiments, games, centers and activities about the following topics:

"Hooray for Habitats"
Oceans, Wetlands, Deserts, Grasslands, and Woodlands





This will be an ocean adventure the campers will never forget! They will learn about waves, currents, and tides as well as ocean life and habitats. Everyone loves ocean animals!




Children will visit wetlands that they help to build as they examine live water animals like turtles, crayfish, minnows, clams, tadpoles, etc. Experiments help the children to understand the value of the wetlands to many types of animals and plants.



Campers learn about the plants and animals that live in the desert. Seeing desert animals such as snakes and lizards is awesome! Students go on a treasure hunt for “jewels” and also experiment to learn how animals survive in the desert.





Children make predictions about the sun and then perform many experiments to test its importance for plants and animals. Collecting insects to study them provides valuable information about what animals live near us in Texas.




Adopting a tree, setting up photosynthesis experiments, and learning about woodland animals bring wonder to a child's face! Children "call" birds and study their importance in the food chain. A scavenger hunt for camouflaged animals is big fun!





WOW! Science Camp 2023: