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WOW! Science Camp
is a Summer Science Program and outreach ministry of The Woodlands United Methodist Church
in The Woodlands, Texas. Our goal is to instill in children a love and appreciation for
nature, science, and the God-given diversities of the world in which we live.

Campers will enjoy hands-on experiments, games, centers and activities about the following topics:

"I Want To Be A Scientist!"
Astronomy, Geology, Zoology, Medicine/Health (Senses) & Chemistry


5-4-3-2-1  BLAST OFF for a journey through space in an "out of this world" session!  Campers will learn about planets, stars, moons, constellations and more by performing interesting space activities and experiments.  Impact crater competitions, egg crate moon walks, and rocket races make astronomy a favorite with children.  Identifying planets and their positions and learning about the sun’s characteristics are also covered.  We also teach children about life as an astronaut in space.   



Volcanoes, fossil digs, earth core sampling, a golden rock hunt!!  What more could an amateur paleontologist ask for?  Join us as we enter the exciting world of discovering about the earth!  Digging for fossils, rock scratch tests, rock art, and rock-making experiments bring looks of wonder to children’s faces.  Children will make volcanoes erupt and will enjoy learning how about the different types of rocks and fossils.  And of course we have to learn about dinosaurs!



The wonderful world of animals opens up to children through our innovative ideas.  Campers will go on a habitat hunt outside and play animal movement games.  Living versus nonliving, animal body structure, social structure, and defenses are among some of the topics.  Animal games help children understand the characteristics of various creatures and how they can help them survive.  And of course the Science Camp animals will be in every classroom for children to touch or hold!


Medicine/Health (Senses): 

This topic focuses on the senses of the body.  One reason God gave us the senses of taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing is so that we could enjoy the world, His creation.  The wonder of how unique each sense is comes alive through hands-on activities.  Sound and smell experiments, observation scavenger hunts, touch and feel activities, listening games -- all show how special we are and how the human body is truly a marvelous creation!   



There is nothing like chemistry to excite a child.  We encourage your child’s inborn curiosity by exploring food, animal, color, and water chemistry!  Children will experiment with common things like Jell-o, Alka seltzer, and vinegar to cause unique reactions.  They will grow crystals, create a monster glove hand, and play with “slime.”  Teachers use dry ice to enhance learning and to “wow” the campers!


     Barbara Cargill 
WOW! Science Camp director




WOW! Science Camp: