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WOW! Science Camp Policies


How do I get to the Camp?

WOW! Science Camp is held in the children's wing of The Woodlands Methodist Church and in the Family Life Center building (for elementary school students). The Church's address is 2200 Lake Woodlands Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380. 
You can find directions online by clicking 

Refunds and Fees

Tuition for science camp is $165 per child. Requests for refunds and transfers to different camp sessions must be received prior to May 20th. Requests must be made via e-mail at

How can I make a change on my child's registration?

Please click on this link to make any registration changes for example: T-shirt size.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests made by May 1st are eligible for refund minus $25 administration fee. By May 1-20 are eligible for refund minus $50 fee. After May 20, no refunds available. Please click here for full cancellation policy details.

Transfer Fee

There is a $15 transfer fee if a child is confirmed in a session and requests a change to a different session, provided that there is space available in another session. 

If space is not available in another session a withdrawal can be requested and the child can be place on the waitlist for a different sessions.  Requests for transfers will not be accepted after May 20

Frequently Asked Questions!


What is the age range of campers?
Children must be 3 ½ years old (3 by January 1, 2024) in order to enroll in WOW! Science Camp. Our oldest campers are in 4th grade during the 2023-24 school year. Children in 5th grade and older may apply to be Jr. Volunteers.

May my child attend more than one session of Science Camp?
All four of the sessions are identical so children may attend one session only. We also have wait lists and want to ensure that as many children get to participate as possible.

Can I request for my child to be in the same class as another child?
Children are placed in classes based on age/grade.  We cannot individually place and guarantee friends in the same classes, so please encourage your child to make new friends at camp!

How will I receive a refund if requested?
Refunds will be credited back to your credit card.

When will I know if my child is off of a waitlist?
Children will be pulled from the waitlist as spots open up.  Generally the waitlist begins to move during the middle of May and we continue calling families on the waitlist until camp begins.

How will my child be placed in a class?
The students are placed in classes by their age and grade in our school system. The number of campers that enroll determines the number of classes of a certain age group that is taught in each session.

May I register my gifted child for an older age group?
Our goal is to provide an enjoyable, enriching summer-time experience for your child at an appropriate level for his or her age and maturity. In order to be fair to everyone, we will strictly enforce age requirements. Your child must be the correct age or entering the grade level of the camp as of the first day of camp.

How do I get to the Camp?
WOW! Science Camp is held in the children's wing of The Woodlands Methodist Church. Our older campers use classrooms just across the parking lot in The Woodlands Methodist School building.  The Church's address is
2200 Lake Woodlands Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380.
You can find directions online by clicking

How should my child dress for camp?
In comfortable clothes that may get messy. For safety, we recommend closed-toe shoes. Some of our activities are outside and we recommend that you apply sunscreen and bug spray to your child..

What are the behavior expectations for campers?
Campers are expected to be able to follow directions, cooperate with the teacher, and get along with the other children in the class.  Science Camp is very stimulating with hands-on experiments, boisterous activities and games, and a new guest speaker every day. Children rotate to a different classroom each day and must be able to transition to a new lead teacher every day.  The Assistant Teacher travels with the class to provide that familiar face.  Please think about your child in this environment where there is much stimulation and much change. In the event of a severe behavior problem, we will call you to pick up your child. At our discretion, your child may be allowed to return to camp the following day.

How do I get on your mailing list so I receive registration information for next year's camp?
If you would like to be included on our mailing list, please e-mail your name, address, and e-mail address to

When will I receive the supply list for camp?
The supply list will be e-mailed to each family registered for science camp and may also be accessed on the website in late May or early June.


Preparing for Camp

Special Needs and Medications
WOW! Science Camp is NOT responsible for administering medication to children unless there is an emergency requiring an EpiPen or other emergency medication per the parents’ instruction and approval. We do have a nurse on campus for each session of camp, however for other medications, please consider consulting a pediatrician about altering the child’s dosage so that medication can be administered outside of camp.

During Camp

Where do I take my child?
Parents walk their children into the church buildings. We do this to ensure safety and so that parents can sign in their child and sign them out. On the first day of camp, you will receive a colored bracelet that identifies you as your child’s pick-up person. The bracelet must be shown at pick-up. If another person is picking up your child, they must have the bracelet OR A PHOTO OF THE BRACELET. If you need to pick up your child early during camp, please let us know in written form at drop-off so we can have them ready for you at their pick-up location.  

May parents stay in the classroom?
If you feel that your child is unable to remain in camp without you, it may be best to wait a year before you send him/her to camp. Our week-long camps are supervised by education professionals and aim to promote independent learning and socialization.

What are the qualifications of your teachers and assistants?
All of our teachers are certified schoolteachers. The majority of our assistant teachers are parents of campers or are former campers themselves; all must be at least 18 years old. The children in our youth volunteer program are mostly former campers.

How are campers supervised?
Campers are supervised at all times and are escorted on restroom breaks by WOW! Science Camp staff.

Who can I contact during the day if I need to leave an emergency message concerning my child?

Please call the church at 281-297-5900 and a staff member will deliver your message to the appropriate person at Science Camp.

What can I do to help WOW! Science Camp?
As you can imagine, it takes a lot of people to manage over 1000 children. We appreciate any help you can give us! Even if you can only spare 1-2 hours during the week, we would be very grateful! Please contact us at  if you are interested in the vounteer position listed below. Nursery care is not available during your volunteer hours.


Assistant Teachers: We encourage mothers, fathers, and grandparents to work as an assistant teacher during their child’s session. Your salary pays for the tuition of your child plus your child has guaranteed placement in Science Camp.

Parents with young babies may want to wait to assist another year since perfect attendance at both the training session and camp dates is very important to the class. Nursery care for children of Assistant Teachers is not available.

Workroom Volunteers: There is much to be done in the teacher workroom during science camp! You may be making play dough, photocopying lab sheets, or helping prepare other projects for our campers. You may also assist with snack preparation or run a quick errand.


Thanks to you all!

Barbara Cargill
WOW! Science Camp Director




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