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We are happy to announce that almost all of our Science Camp animals now live at The Learning Zoo with former science camper and Head Zookeeper Drew Schulz! This way more children can enjoy our animals throughout the year. No worries though, they will be back at Science Camp in our classrooms every summer!

The Learning Zoo offers educational shows featuring live animals to birthday parties, preschools, homeschool groups, and Scout troops in The Woodlands, Texas and surrounding areas. All of our presentations are geared towards a fun, educational experience, with the goal of all guests having hands-on encounters with our animals.


Drew Schulz
The Owner of The Learning Zoo

Drew Schulz, the owner and proprietor of The Learning Zoo, has been involved with animals for most of his life. For over a decade, he has worked with animals, given presentations, taught classes, and brought wildlife into people’s lives. Drew attended WOW Science Camp for many years as a child and as a Jr. Volunteer. After graduating from the prestigious Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo, in Gainesville, Florida, Drew was asked to be a guest speaker at Science Camp. He has done that for many years and our campers love him and his animals! He will be back at Science Camp again this summer!


Learning Zoo  

Alexander Salamander:

I am an amphibian named Alexander Salamander.  That is why I am slimy.  I did not always look like this.  I used to live underwater and breathe through gills like a tadpole does. I sure am glad I don’t have those anymore! I go through metamorphosis.  Do you know what that is?  When I have completely changed, I use lungs instead of gills!  Temperature and how much food is around are what make me go into metamorphosis. 



I am an animal known as an invertebrate. That means I have no bones. For protection, I have a hard outer shell called an exoskeleton. My name is "Milly", and I am from the rain forest. I love to eat lettuce.

I have tiny mites that live on my body. They are bugs that are smaller than the tip of a pin! I would die without the mites and the mites would die without me. They help to keep me clean by eating bacteria and other small things. I keep the mites alive by allowing them to live on me. This type of relationship is called symbiosis. That means that two animals need each other to survive. Awesome!



Croak! My name is Sammy Croaker! I'm a White's tree frog, or dumby tree frog (Litoria caerulea) and I'm originally native to Australia and New Guinea and later moved to the United States. It is important that I be around water and mist daily. I eat crickets and other very small insects. I like a wide variety of prey foods. I need vitamins and minerals and must live in a very clean place. I like to eat 3 times a week.

I'm smaller than female White's tree frogs. Keep me away from birds, fish and turtles!



We are from an island off the coast of Africa called Madagascar. To protect ourselves, we hiss by releasing air from our body. We may look scary, but if you look at our little bitty heads, we are kinda cute! We walk with our head tucked under our body because we want to protect it. And, that makes us look scarier! We love to eat rotten fruit like bananas and we also enjoy dog food. Woof!

Corn Snake


I am REESE the Kenya Sand Boa pet snake. We are the smallest pet snakes available on the pettrade. We are placid laid back snakes that are excellent for novice snake owners. I have a strong appetite for mice.

I am not a strong climber and prefer to stay low to the ground. I can live possibly up to 30 years but average 20 years. I prefer to feed at night being nocturnal. I'm male and smaller than females of my kind. I will mature at 2 feet long where females of my type can mature at 3 feet long.



My name is SKIPPY! I love to eat fruit mix 2-3 times per week. Feeding off insects like crickets or small roaches and meal worms are my favorite. Blue and red are 2 colors I can't see. Being nocturnal, I have highly snesitive rod cells, which are cells of the eyete tha specialize in discerning shaedes of gray. I don't have eyelids so I use my long tongue to moisten my eyes and remove debris.

I can't close my eyes. Unlike some other geckos, once I lose my tail it will not grow back. It isn't a good idea to hosue two male crested Geckos together, as they are likely to fight. I don't need many friends and can live a solitary life in a cage with no detriment whatsoever. When I shed I become less sticky and I shed all at once. I can't climb walls very well.






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